Process Presentation

Do you need a process presentation that will clearly and concisely explain to your stakeholders how your processes will drive your business?


Build your sales and marketing process capabilities at both functional and people levels.

Process: Functional Capabilities

Effective sales and marketing tend to be process-driven, people need to have a clear process to follow. There is often a huge variance between the processes that different marketing people use. Ideas may have been handed down, imported from another company, or sourced ad-hoc from the internet. The result is often a jumbled collection of processes that create confusion, chaos, and deep frustration. In response to this common situation Hargreaves Marketing have sourced an extensive collection of integrated marketing processes that with our help can be adapted to your specific needs.

Process: People Development

As different marketing concepts are lined and projects merge together, work can become extra challenging for marketing people to keep on top of workloads and adapt to new processes. Hargreaves Marketing can provide both consultancy and coaching support so that your people feel listened to and are helped as they use adopt new processes.