“We are in the business of helping leaders of small-medium-sized businesses to understand and deliver good strategy”

Adrian J. Hargreaves

Understand Strategy
Deliver Strategy

The Problem

Strategy needs to be organised and managed

  • However, many businesses, especially small-medium-sized businesses can not afford to  employ specialist people full time to work only on strategy
  • This can result in a lack of in-house capability to manage strategy effectively
  • Many worthwhile projects never get started
  • Projects which should have been successful instead fail
  • Big problems are not identified quickly enough
  • Great opportunities are wasted
  • People and functions create problems by working against each other
  • All of the above are repeated over

The Solution

Consider outsourcing your strategic management

Why it makes commercial sense

  • Work with a specialist company
  • Have access to people, knowledge, skills and services which can make a difference
  • Embark on a disciplined, focused and exciting strategy journey

What makes us different?

We look at your strategy and what needs to be done and create a service specifically to help you deliver it


Successful strategy requires an integrated approach so that everything and everyone work together. Our services are specifically designed to provide everything you need including: establishing the underlying issues through coaching, providing guidance through consultancy; identify the skills and knowledge gaps and improving the capabilities of your people to deliver on specific elements of your strategy through learning and development as well as direct responsibility for handling of specialist key jobs to drive strategic initiatives through our action services.

Fully Customised

Every organisation is different and so every strategy project requires a customised approach. We look at what support you need to develop, communicate and execute your strategy in your unique environment and we create the required services to enable it all to happen.


Your information is safe with us. We do not discuss your business with any other client or prospective client.


Experience in SME Market

Including both my work in employment and running Hargreaves Marketing Ltd, I have worked with literally hundreds of small-medium-sized businesses in a very wide selection of industries.

Experience working with larger businesses

I have personal experience in supplying services to large organisation within both the public (councils, universities) and private sector (large branded companies). Many of our services, especially related to our specialist are of communicating strategy, are equally suited to both larger and smaller organisations. Please ask for details.

Other Information – Adrian Hargreaves

  • Professional qualifications in Marketing (CIM Diploma, E-Marketing), Sales Promotion Diploma, and finally, my most recent qualification in 2019, Managing Change
  • 30 plus years in employment in sales, marketing, recruitment and technology
  • Managing Director of Hargreaves Marketing Ltd since founding the company in 2012

Our Story

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd is a family business offering outsourced strategic management services

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