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My ultimate goal is to create services to help business people collaborate together to think strategically and execute strategy well. 

Articulate Strategy Well” is the theme I have created to bring together the various ideas, concepts, methods, processes, models, tools, templates, mental approaches and behaviours that I feel are important.

Why you may ask do I use a communications theme to do this? The answer is because good communication is an absolutely essential requirement for good strategy.

3 Service Types

1. Consultancy

Every organisation and every company are different and so establishing the right approach is a consultative process.

2. Specialist Services

Whilst I offer many services, they are all designed to achieve the ultimate objective of helping leaders to execute strategy. Again, establishing which services is a consultative process.

3. Coaching

This type of work usually involves activities that people are not familiar with. Without ongoing help and guidance projects tend to slow and eventually grind into a halt. Leaders see this situation time after time when reviewing activity several months on after what had seemed to be a successful ‘strategy day.’ Establishing the type of coaching required is a consultative process and depends on the services being used. I offer both one-to-one and one-to-many coaching sessions as required.

The difference #1


As an independent consultant I am not part of a chain, nor affiliated to any organisation. Therefore I am not under pressure form any other party to produce sales, or work in a prescribed way that may be unsuited to the needs of your business.

Instead, I am free to work to my values and to produce and continually adapt services that create value for my clients.

Creating value for clients comes through discussion and collaboration. In some cases I have a ‘raw’ or proven service that is already is in place which is then are adapted, or tailored to each situation. In other situations, I develop a completely new service to help solve a client problem or to maximise an opportunity.

Every client, every business and every business unit are different. The ability to adapt is key.

The difference #2


Many consultants choose to go down a specialist route and ‘find their niche.’ Specialisation helps us to focus on a niche area that enables us to develop valuable knowledge and expertise. Choosing that niche is a story within itself, but in my case it has been about looking back at my thirty year career in employment, along with the ten years self employed to understand my strengths, value my experiences, and find what I most interested in. Then I have matched these qualities with specific customer needs to form a unique value proposition. 

The difference #3

The value proposition…

Leaders tend to have challenging problems and ambitious goals. To reach these goals leaders need to engage the support of other people through good communication. However, even with good communication, there is often a capability gap that will prevent the work getting done and the strategy being executed. Hargreaves Marketing provides a range of services to address all of these issues while developing knowledge and skills that your business and organisation can also apply successfully in work related to strategy, marketing and sales. My value proposition is unique in terms of its scope, depth and flexibility. 

The next step…

As I have indicated, discussion through consultancy is the way forward. However, I understand that you are likely to want to get a feel for the types of services I offer. Feel free to browse, however the easier way is to simply give me a call so we can discuss.

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