Let’s build your functional capabilities and develop your people

Discussion and Collaboration

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd is for people who are responsible for marketing and who need to improve the commercial relevance, efficiency, productivity, quality and value appreciation of marketing.

Perhaps you are:

  • the owner of a small-medium sized business and oversee your sales & marketing operations?
  • working at a mid-sized company and have been brought in specifically to improve your sales & marketing?
  • tasked with doing marketing but are overworked, undertrained, underappreciated and overwhelmed with both the amount of work and the complexity of it?
  • a manager who has been asked to better align sales and marketing strategies and activities?
  • a mentor with the responsibility to develop the capabilities of an individual person.
  • an external consultant tasked with defining the right problems to solve as well as identifying and implementing the most suitable solutions.


Build Capabilities: Develop People

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd is a capabilities-focused sales and marketing company based in Blackburn. We provide specialist agency, consultancy and coaching services to build advanced functional capabilities and develop your people.

Functional Capabilities

Marketing & Sales Functions

Build the capabilities required at sales & marketing functional levels to execute your business strategies

People Development

Marketing People & Salespeople

Develop the knowledge, skills & confidence of your sales and marketing people need to reach their goals

Hargreaves Marketing: Building capabilities and developing people

Specialist Capabilities-Focused

Consultancy | Coaching | Agency Services


Hargreaves Marketing Consultancy

Consultancy services to provide advice and guidance throughout the project.

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Hargreaves Marketing Coaching

One-to-one coaching support to help you to maximise new processes.

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Hargreaves Marketing Agency:

Provision of specialist services to help you to move forward.

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