We help you to:

Think strategically, review, plan and execute strategy 

Financial challenges, new objectives and strategies

In today’s increasingly challenging business environment, businesses face increased financial challenges and difficult decisions. Therefore it is essential to continually review sales and marketing performance and expenditure.

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd provide a wide range of services to help you to create and manage budgets across your sales and marketing activities, and review strategic performance against specific financial and non-financial metrics.

Customer challenges, new objectives and strategies

Every business want to attract, manage and keep good customers. However, acquiring, growing and retaining customers are three separate challenges and each of them require very different approaches and skill sets.

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd offer a wide range of business and customer development services from strategic reviews to customer-focused strategy development and implementation. 

Internal processes challenges, new objectives and strategies

Successful sales and marketing teams follow proven processes and this enables them to keep producing great results. However, changing priorities, distractions, misalignment and lack of best practice can reduce performance and lead to questions about the value being delivered. 

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd offer a wide range of stages and steps guides and templates that cover all of the main marketing disciplines and key sales activities which are tailored for your business requirements so that you can build the internal processes that you need to support your business strategies.

Growth & Learning challenges, new objectives and strategies

Growth is a key business objective and is often the main focus of strategy discussions. However, achieving growth is often easier said than done. Targets are sometimes created without taking into account the capabilities and resources that are required to be successful. When this happens, strategies risk losing momentum.

At Hargreaves Marketing Ltd, we believe that for strategies to be successful, they need to be supported by developing the necessary capabilities and motivations at all levels of the business and we have developed a wide range of services to help enable that.