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Welcome to my website! Hargreaves Marketing Ltd (est. 2012), provides four linked services:

  1. Sales and marketing consultancy
  2. Performance management
  3. Training and development
  4. Recruitment

All four services naturally link to enable an integrated strategy to drive forward positive and well received change management.

I am the owner of Hargreaves Marketing Ltd and your personal contact.

Enjoy the website and if I can be of any assistance, please contact me.

Adrian Hargreaves, Managing Director



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4 business growth services for small & medium sized businesses

Adrian Hargreaves MD Hargreaves Marketing Ltd

1. Sales & Marketing Consulting

1.1 To understand your current situation
1.2 Work with you to develop and implement new strategies.
Happy and Excited Businessman

2. Performance Management

2.1 Identify where performance can be improved with planning and support
2.2 Discuss with teams to plan & execute new strategies
2.3 Support and continue to develop

3. Training and Development

3.1 Sales training
3.2 Marketing planning training
3.2 Presentation training

Choose your location:
1. At your premises
2. On the road with sales people
3. By online virtual meetings.

Businesspeople group.

4. Recruitment Plus

4.1 Specialist sales and marketing recruitment.
4.2 Recruitment "Plus" is a recruitment campaign package followed up with ongoing training and support to maximise the recruitment and related strategy.

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Consulting, performance management, training & development and recruitment

Four Linked Business Growth Services for Ambitious Small and Medium Sized Companies