eBooks & Micro-sites

Hargreaves Marketing eBooks and micro-sites transform bland business documents…

  • Research findings
  • Plans
  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Sales proposals
  • Business Recommendations
  • How-to guides
  • Sales playbooks
  • Process stages and steps

… into dynamic, interactive and engaging conversation experiences.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to stimulate and enable productive business conversations between you and your external customers and internal stakeholders.

What’s in it for you?

The benefits to you and your business of improved communications include:

  1. Winning more and better sales deals
  2. Gaining approval from senior leadership for internal project recommendations
  3. Recognition for being a skilled communicator leading to new career opportunities

Enable Productive Business Conversations

Our business eBooks and microsites are designed to facilitate high-quality business conversations.

We listen to your operational and strategic challenges and create engaging visual discussion business documents that you can read and share.

Use eBooks to stimulate specific business conversations

Our eBooks are designed to be used in a variety of ways including: 

  • As a pre-meeting read
  • As a briefing business document to be read at the start of the meeting
  • As a meeting take away
  • As a document to replace a meeting

Drive The Conversation To The Next Step, And Then The Next Step…

Productive business conversations develop over time. People often need time to synthesise the information and to ask questions. Challenging in this way is good because it shows interest.

How we can gently accelerate the decision-making process…

When we respond by providing the information that we have been asked for, we enable decision-makers and influencers to move forward by sharing and discussing important information with colleagues, reaching consensus and finally reaching an informed decision.

Update eBooks and use micro-sites to provide added depth

To facilitate this developing conversation, our eBooks can be both updated and linked to further more in-depth information in the form of a micro-site (or knowledge hub) that provides specific additional business document resources such as PowerPoint or Google Document presentations, Excel or Google spreadsheets, or Word or Google Docs.

A methodical approach to generate interest, speed and momentum…

Helping people to access the information they need, when they need it accelerates sales deals and internal project decisions.

How The Rules Of The Game Have Changed

It is the quality of information that we provide to people that makes the difference when people are making important decisions. When we are face-to-face with people it is easier to develop a high-quality conversation. However, the business landscape has changed. With more people working remotely and spending less time in the office, face-to-face meetings are becoming more difficult to get.

Developing Versatility In Communicating Face-To-Face, Virtually and In Hybrid Meetings

Face-to-face meeting skills will always be important. However, more and more business meetings are now virtual meetings where people are using their phones and laptops. There are even hybrid meetings where some people are in a meeting room and others are out of the office in multiple locations and are attending the meeting virtually.

Having the right business document in a format that people can easily read, refer to, share and access specific information quickly and easily can be the major difference between a sub-standard meeting and a positive and collaborative experience for all.

Step Into The Other Person’s Shoes

Increasingly many decision-makers prefer to make important decisions in private and in their own time and in consensus with colleagues.

Pushing too hard and too fast for a decision often leads to failure.

If we want to win more sales deals and approval for our internal recommendations, our methods need to fit in with the people we are trying to work with.

The Old Way

In the past, providing new information to inform, educate and persuade decision-makers involved a process of creating visual boards and other documents. It involved a great deal of photocopying. It also required items to be either posted or hand-delivered. With tight deadlines, this required much time and effort.

However, it worked. People appreciated me going the extra mile. It sparked new conversations. It raised new questions. It moved things forward.

I credit this approach for the bulk of my success in sales and the development of my career from salesperson to Premier Account Director at a leading UK sales organisation.

The New Way

We are now in a digital world and that provides more opportunities than ever before to communicate with people. Quite simply, provide the right information for a researcher, influencer and decision-maker, and that person will often do work on your behalf that you would never be able to do yourself. That is sharing your information internally with the person or people that matter.

Two Easy Ways To Get Started

Option 1

You provide your document and images and we transform them into a dynamic eBook with an interactive table of contents.

Option 2

We discuss what are trying to achieve and then recommend, design and produce a creative solution.

The First Step. Let’s Start A Conversation…

Adrian Hargreaves

Adrian Hargreaves is an experienced sales and marketing professional and is qualified with the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma.

Adrian has worked in sales, marketing, and recruitment roles in a number of well-known national organisations and market-leading publishers.

These companies include BT, Daniel Thwaites PLC, Marstons PLC, Thomson Local, Reach Local, Faversham House Group, Newsquest Media Group and Haymarket Media Group.

Adrian created Hargreaves Marketing Ltd in 2012 and has since provided a wide range of sales, marketing, strategic consultancy, strategy workshops and recruitment services for small and medium-sized companies across the UK.

Contact Adrian on his mobile: 07866-795858 for a free and confidential discussion with no ties or obligations.