Social selling is the way forward for companies operating in business to business markets. However, developing a profile for yourself, your company, your employees, and your products and services, and reaching your target audience can be a real challenge.

Many senior managers, marketing and salespeople in manufacturing and other industries have great knowledge and experience in niche areas, but very little professional profile on LinkedIn, social media and websites. If this is you I believe you have a story to tell that people in your industry would really like to hear.

I can help you develop your social selling voice and reach your customers and prospects through mini-webinars. Lasting between 5 and 8 minutes, they are long enough to get your message over but short enough for people who are interested to view.


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I help you develop your social selling voice through mini-webinars

Showcase your knowledge and experience

  • Develop your social profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and websites
  • Promote yourself, your company, your employees, and your products and services
  • Short compact mini-webinar format 5-8 minutes
  • Easy & relaxed interview style format
  • Full service from idea generation, planning, recording, editing, promotion on social media and websites.
  • Fast service from start to finish

Sales Enablement Mini-Webinar Series

Turn your case study into a story that people will remember

How to generate sales revenue through sales and marketing alignment

How to get into a business development routine on LinkedIn

The Winning Combination for Sales & Marketing Alignment

Mini-Webinars Concise Content for Social Selling Programmes

If you’d like to do a webinar, but have not got the time or resources to produce an hour long live event, then maybe our 5 minute mini-webinars are what you are looking for?

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by John Burdett, Leyland Rubber Components - Managing Director
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